Frugal way of life

It’s simple to state that you would like to spend less money. And as usually it’s more difficult to really implement that. Frugal kind of life refers to a big lifestyle change along with a careful knowing of exactly how much, on what and where you are paying and saving. If you want to be a frugal you have to stop the money leaks, but you still have to live a satisfying way of life so it demands a mental adjustment in order to be successful in your attempt.

And if you are interested to read for some tips on frugal living, here are just a few simple tips for a start, which are easy to follow.

Use only one car. Lots of families own a couple of vehicles. As well as your house, your vehicle is most likely your biggest item that produces your costs. So, if there is a possibility to do everything with one vehicle, you should try that. For example, use only one car for  both, you and your wife to go to work.

Always use a smaller car. This is very simple. A smaller car instead of an SUV, for example, can save you a lot of money on gas or maintenance. You can be comfortable with your car, but still don’t overdo it.

Search for the second-hand items first. If you really require something, not just have a simple wish to have it, check if somebody that you already know may possess that item. So if they don’t use it anymore or they simply don’t need it anymore you can take it. Check out with your family or friends first, or you can even ask your neighbors. You will probably be positively surprised with the results.

Change top quality or ‘branded’ items with some standard ranges. Many supermarkets have their particular low-priced, types of products as a replacement for expensive original brand products.  Maybe on the first sight they are not going to be as pretty as the other branded products, but for sure are much, much less expensive and are a fine way to cut some of your expenses.

Check the prices of the products wherever is available to ensure that you are buying the cheapest price. Frequently so-called special deals are not really the least expensive choice. It actually will be a very worthwhile to spend some time for tracking the prices of the products in the markets just to be sure that you are getting the cheapest price.

Clip Coupons. Take some of your free time to clip coupons for all the food items which you buy frequently, and in that way, you can save at least a 25% of your monthly food bill. Also, if you want to save even much more, you can search for a food store in your area of living that even can double the coupons, so all you have to do is to become a regular customer of that store.

Reduce or cancel the cable. You are probably paying about $60 monthly for a cable TV, or maybe much more than $600 a year, so if you cancel the cable you are saving a big money but also you can do things in your free time, like reading books or going outside for a walk, or maybe running…